Would you like somebody to be there to point you in the right direction?


Wessex Group wants all its members to really enjoy and get the most out of their membership. We aim to send a welcome message to all new Riding Members and Associates (with a note with some basic pointers about how endurance works). New members are encouraged to ask questions, no matter how simple or silly the question may appear.


Our vision is to provide each new member with a named experienced rider (a Buddy) willing to be there for a chat on the phone or by email and give guidance based on their own experience.


To make a start all Committee members have offered to act as Buddies. Their details are Who's Who page, so if you have questions, give one of us a call or send a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


                                                                            We’d love other members to come forward as potential Buddies – just  

                                                                            email jnewman@soilassociation.org to put their names/details on the Buddy List. Lets make

                                                                            2017 a year where all ‘newbies’ have a fantastic time and all renew/upgrade in 2018…………

Buddy Scheme