We, the elected members of the EGB Wessex Branch committee aim to support the members of EGB who live in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire and to raise the profile of Endurance Riding as a sport.


Strategic Plan for 2019


The Wessex Branch Committee will operate according to the EGB constitution for Regional Groups.


The Committee will endeavour to provide, for the members and potential members of EGB:-

· safe and enjoyable Rides, at a variety of levels.

· suitable training for many aspects of Endurance Riding.

· informative and fund-raising social events.

· high standard equipment necessary for all activities.


In addition:-


Ride Organisers and helpers will be supported.


Fund raising events will help to finance these and other specific activities.


Members will be encouraged to represent Wessex in team competitions at local and National level.


The Committee will communicate openly and transparently with members through the website and newsletter. 

Mission Statement