Endurance GB Wessex Group is one of the largest of EGB's regional groups, comprising the counties of Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset. The aim of the Wessex Group is to provide information and support to members, or would-be members, whatever their aspirations. Contact details for Committee members can be found on the Wessex Committee page or you can get in touch via the Contact Us form.

What is Endurance?

Endurance riding can be loosely defined as 'competitive long-distance riding' and endurance rides have been in existence in Britain since the early '70's. The sport has evolved over the years to a point where success at top level requires an almost scientific attention to detail in terms of feeding and training; however it still provides plenty of scope for the majority of riders whose ambition is simply to enjoy the sport to the best of their horse's ability

The EGB Wessex Branch Committee will endeavour to organise and/or support:

  • Pleasure Rides across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire to raise funds for Wessex members’ activities.

  • Competitive Rides (with Pleasure Ride Classes) in Wessex.

  • Training and Social Events, both ridden and unmounted.

  • Ride Organiser and Technical Steward Training (in conjunction with EGB).

  • First Aid Training to be provided if possible. (In conjunction with EGB)

  • A regular e-newsletter to be provided(free)to the members along with regular social media updates.

  • Wessex Ride Organisers and Representatives from the Committee will attend the Southern Volunteers Conference held in February by Endurance GB.

  • Representatives from the Committee will attend the Groups’ Conference in October organised by Endurance GB.


Health & Safety and Safeguarding consideration at Rides is paramount more information can be found on our Safeguarding page.


  • Minutes of Wessex Committee meetings will be taken and an accurate account available on request to members.

  • Quarterly financial reports will be prepared and submitted to Accounts Dept Endurance GB – there will also be a financial report available at each Wessex Committee Meeting. End of financial year for EGB is end of December.

  • Committee meetings will be held every 6 to 8 weeks and are open to all members.


Team Events

  • We will endeavour to get a team of riders to participate in the Inter-Regional Championships.

  • We will encourage and help members to form teams to represent Wessex at other Team events such as Red Dragon and New Forest, for the Wessex Team Event (Epistle Trophy) and for the National Team awards such as the Green Dragon Lane and Team of Three trophies.


  • Trophies and rosettes will be awarded to winning members at the Awards Dinner.

  • Upgrade and Progression Awards will be awarded to qualifying members at the Awards Dinner


For more information on the Wessex Awards please see our Awards page

Marketing and Social Media


Wessex Group look to recruit and retain members by active PR including use of social media and talks and demonstrations to inform a wider audience about the sport of endurance. 

We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, please do follow us and like and share our posts where appropriate to help us reach a wider audience and encourage more people to try our great sport. 


We are also keen to talk to groups such as local Pony Clubs and Riding clubs to encourage them to give endurance a try so if you know a group who may like to find out more please put them in touch via e-mail: wessexendurance@gmail.com or by contacting one of the committee

WEBMASTER : Sarah Davenport

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