The Pony Club

Pony Club Endurance offers the chance to :

work your horse/pony in beautiful countryside

Develop skills which create a bond with your pony

•Compete over varying terrain on a marked course and over varying distances dependent on the level of competition. 

••Endurance is a great way to get your horse fit and have fun with your friends

What does it involve ? 

•You will learn to ride at speed across various terrain and judge when you need to go faster and when to slow down.

•As you progress through the levels you can really start to call yourself and your pony athletes of the horse world! 


•As you start to progress in Endurance it will become a real team effort. So Mum and Dad will have to part from the food van and get involved.

•Similar to formula 1, as you become more advance you will learn how to cool a horse quickly and get it’s heart rate down. Often this is a real team effort to move quickly and calmly to achieve the desired beats per minute.