Samantha (Sam) Mowatt

103 Orchard Avenue, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5HD
Phone: 07825 581811
Email: sammy_endurance52@hotmail.co.uk

Retires BAM 2021


I was introduced to endurance in 2005, when I was 13, by Nelly George and Andrew Peters, who owned the yard where I kept my pony. I went along crewing a few times, and then in June I was lucky enough to get offered a ride in the New Forest. Then I was hooked. I started riding Nell’s horses at home and had further opportunities to do some rides. I did all my novice rides and upgraded to intermediate in September. I was starting to grow out of my pony and had been riding Woody (On The Way Back) a stunning dark bay 4yo Arab stallion that Nell had bought at Ascot Sales in August. In November my parents surprised me with Woody as my early Christmas present. In the last 6 seasons I have had the privilege to ride a variety of horses, had some brilliant experiences and met some amazing people whilst riding, crewing, helping and socialising at many EGB events. My best riding achievement is 1st at Breamore 80km ER 2009 on my horse Woody, it’s great to win an ER but doing it on your own horse is definitely the best! Other highpoints in my endurance life were with Vavaar, an Arab gelding of Nell’s. We competed together for 3 seasons and some of our achievements include 1st at Berkshire Downs 80km ER 2009, 1st at Ludlow 100km ER, 3rd at Red Dragon 160km 2day ER and Young Rider National Champion 2007. In May 2010 I stopped riding for Nell and Andrew, finishing on a 1st at Breamore 96km ER on Fools Magic their homebred Anglo stallion. My ultimate aim is to get Woody up to FEI standard with hope of getting qualified for the Young Riders Squad before it’s too late! As I was not doing as many rides in 2010, I began to help at rides more and began training to be a Technical Steward. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping and giving something back to the sport. I plan to carry on helping as much as I can, as I believe that you only get out what you put into something! On the committee I am responsible for corresponding with the Associate Members of Wessex. I started a saddlery apprenticeship with Mendit Rug and Tack in September 2009 and I am thoroughly enjoying it. In 2011 I have been given the opportunity to do some rides on the Dark family’s horses and I plan to get Woody to some rides later in the season. 

Geraldine White


Pine Cottage, Bewley DownAxminster, Devon EX

Tel: 01460 220061

Email: gawhite49@hotmail.co.uk

Retires BAM 2020

I have been involved in Endurance since about 1986 and like many of us fell into it completely by accident!  A friend of mine has a daughter who was a Pony Clubber at that time and one of the PC Mums was organising an event on their farm that included an "endurance ride".  If I remember rightly it was all of 10 or 12 miles but I thought it was at least 50 miles and I had never been so fast in my life, but that was it, I was hooked!
My first horse wasn't really built for endurance and we made a lot of mistakes along the way which included plenty of falling off.  The question most frequently asked was, "did you do the ride as a partnership or independently? "  Very funny, but I had my first 80k under my belt and just wanted more and more.  Dear old Bella wasn't up to that but I was lucky enough to trip over a 3/4 bred Arab with the heart of a lion and a strong sense of humour.  Jim competed all through the 1990's winning the Wessex PR trophy in his first season and starting the 100 mile class at Summer Solstice three times, as well as being a member of Home International team.  He retired in 2002 with a heart murmur and 3000 competive miles on his clock but we had had more fun than I could ever believe along the way.
In between rides I sat on EHPS Council for a spell, sorting out Ride Organiser packs and the fixture list.  I have also been on Wessex Committee before, firstly with EHPS and then with EGB and have been involved in running an assortment of rides including the now defunct Longleat and Great Ridge rides as well as Breamore and Lulworth.  I never thought that the "horse of a lifetime" could come along twice but El Shaddia, nowadays known to his friends as Will I Am, is another huge character who continues to make me want to get out of bed at 4.00 in the mornings.  Endurance gods willing, we hope to be out and about again in 2013 and perhaps his new friend Sateer who is a proper little drama queen will make her debut.

I firmly believe that Endurance is a sport for everyone, to be enjoyed at all levels whether you aspire to compete at FEI level or merely want the pleasure of riding our stunning British countryside in good company.  I am delighted that a working party has been set up under John Hudson's guidance to look at the future of my beloved sport which I hope will go from strength to strength and I look forward to welcoming as many new members as possible and talking to those who are already in on the secret (and everyone knows I love talking!!).

Janthea Newman



Dacres Oak, Hearn Farm, Dulford, Cullompton,

Devon EX15 2DE

Phone: 01884 266731 Mob: 07917 230118

Email: jnewman@soilassociation.org

Retires BAM 2019

My husband Charles and I generally ride together, often without crew, concentrating on 40-50km GERs which fit our lifestyle. Because my job is quite demanding I have never aspired to the very long days involved in longer distances. My goal has been consistent performance and, over the years, I have racked up lots of successful competitive miles whilst bringing out our horses most weekends year after year. We enjoy getting to know how our horses tick, and what we need to do to improve their performance and grading.

We started doing endurance over 20 years ago; in the early days having ‘parked our children with friends’ and being self-supporting. We live in Devon (good hills for training and easy access to major roads) but choose Wessex Group rather than South West.

As there’s nowhere locally suitable for running a ride under Endurance Horse & Pony Society (EHPS) I organised the Exmoor Ride for a couple of years, then EGB Bonham and now the Cerne Giant ride.

I am passionate about our sport. We aim to have fun (and not get too fraught and serious) entering as many rides as possible, or crewing friends, and on occasion I have even been known to represent Wessex outside the region! My experience with two good horses, competing alongside my husband and my young son, as well as ‘flying solo’, has allowed me to see the sport from a number of perspectives.

I am the ‘nosy bat’ on the Wessex Committee – hence member liaison! In truth I have a good memory for faces/names and an interest in people – and their enjoyment of the sport. Rather than encouraging ‘competitiveness above all else’ I wish to promote ‘a considerate attitude that makes the experience of those you meet as enjoyable as your own’. I have also been called ‘teacher’ as I like to get things right and currently I write lots of ‘background stuff’ and articles.

Personally I am buoyed up by new and enthusiastic riders entering the sport in the last year. Many are willing to commit time, enthusiasm and skills to the Wessex Group – and maybe let me off the hook a bit!

Claire Quinney
Email: clrichards@btinternet.com
Retires BAM 2021



No-one is quite sure where my interest in horses came from! I was born and brought up in Wolverhampton and from a completely non horsey family, but from the age of 3 all I wanted to do was ride.
The main focus of my interest was National Hunt racing, something I am still passionate about today and on leaving school I began working in a racing yard. I came into Endurance sort of by accident, when I left the racing yard and took a job as groom for Jenny Jackson. I did my first endurance ride approximately 17 years ago, on one of Jenny’s horses and quickly became hooked.
Soon after, I decided that working full time with horses wasn’t going to give me the time or income to keep horses of my own. Gardening had always been a hobby so I decided to turn it into a career and  I enrolled on a three year horticultural apprenticeship with the National Trust at Stourhead. I now run my own gardening business.
My first proper endurance horse was my lovely Spanish mare Mariessa, sadly her career was cut short by injury, but she has since produced 2 nice foals who will hopefully follow in her footsteps.
My current horse is CS Corinthian (Cori) and we have had a lot of fun together. This year we finally achieved a long standing goal of mine when we completed our first CER, at Barbury Castle
I joined the committee as I was becoming increasingly aware that as rider, we see the same few people organizing our sport for us, and I thought it was about time that I gave something back.

Carol Legg
Hillside Farm, Seaborough, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3QY
Phone: 074840014179
Email: carol@arabianracehorses.co.uk
Retires BAM 2020

I have been involved with the breeding and training of horses most of my life.  The big turning point of my horse life was a trip to Newbury horse sales in 1985 and the purchase of two Arabs that I went on to train and ride with success in Arab Racing, more horses quickly followed.  After continued good success on the racetrack we then started to breed from our successful mares and then combine the racing with Endurance.  We have achieved many ER wins and success up to FEI 2* level all with homebred horses that started their careers on the racecourse.  I served 2 years as the Owner/Trainer representative on the ARO race planning committee.  And now would like to give something back to Endurance, I am interested and enthusiastic in all areas of Endurance and am passionate that all members should gain as much fulfillment and pleasure as I have.

Amanda Tovey
Email:  amandatovey@outlook.com
Retires BAM 2022

I have ridden since a young age at riding schools and on friend’s ponies and finally got my first horse at fifteen and spent many hours hacking around the countryside on weekends and holidays. I had a break from owning horses for a few years whilst I was at University and working in London but being away from animals and the countryside lifestyle did not suit me at all so it wasn’t long before I was headed back to the West Country and buying a completely unsuitable TB ex Racer. A good friend of mine who had competed at endurance for many years had told me a lot about the sport and kindly gave me an Arab mare to ride.  I quickly fell in love with the mare and became hooked on Arabian horses generally. After I lost her I found Bella and started having a go at some pleasure rides which we both loved and so we joined EGB and started competitive rides and over the years have moved up to advanced level.  We have had a great time and made some fantastic friends along the way and I can thoroughly recommend the sport to anyone who enjoys riding their horses in beautiful countryside.

Alison House
Chef d'Equipe
Woodlands Arch, Glastonbury BA6 8LQ 
Phone: 01458833609  
Email:  alisonhouse58@btinternet.com
Retires BAM 2021

Hello everyone I am Alison House.  I joined EGB and the Wessex group over a decade ago. Not knowing anyone else who did this fantastic sport. But I had a long held ambition of competing in the Golden Horseshoe ride one day.

I have been actively involved in EGB since 2002 at every level from pleasure rides to International FEI **.

I am approachable, prepared to listen, encourage and help bring ideas to life. I enjoy helping young riders move forward and achieve their goals.

In the past have I shown ponies inhand and ridden, been Chairman of local horse show. I was Treasurer of village gardening club, on Young Farmers Advisory committee. Still help run the local over 65s Umbrella Group arranging outings, meals and other things of interest. Steward at the RB&W and help at rides.

Also along with my husband and son, I run a traditional dairy farm on the edge of the Somerset Levels.

I would like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm. It should be fun not a chore to encourage everyone to have a go.

Jane Perrett
Email:  horsejumpr1@yahoo.co.uk
Retires BAM 2021

My Dad was in the Household Cavalry, so I guess horses were always going to be part of my life. I rode from an early age but as I got older I didn’t have as much time to enjoy my hobby. In 2000 we were lucky enough, through my husband’s job, to spend three

years in Arizona and with me having more free time I was able to take up the reins again, leading to competition and even competing in the Grand Canyon State Games!

When we returned to the UK I convinced my husband that getting a horse was a good idea (he probably wouldn’t agree) I rode this horse hacking around for a couple of years, but I missed competing. I wasn’t really interested in jumping or dressage, so what could I do? My husband is, and always has been, a keen off road motorcyclist, he wondered if there was something you could do on a horse similar to some of the events he competed in. We did some research and found Endurance.  In 2007 I competed in my first event at the Piddle Ride, what a steep learning curve, both for me and my horse, but we were hooked!

In 2015 I decided my lovely Anglo Arab, Niaz Al Azhar had gone as far as he could and deserved a bit of an easier time, so we eventually (with a few false starts) found a wonderful horse in Red House Salut.

It’s now 2017 and after riding Salut in Pleasure class last year to see how we both got along, this year we’re going to ride Novice class. I still love the challenge, both for me and my horse.

Although our sport is International it can only survive if there are people volunteering to help. I feel it’s important that we should all try to help out in some way, that’s why I’m on the Committee.

Lynn Searle
Safeguarding/ Health & Safety
E-mail:  Lynbilberry@talktalk.net 
Retires BAM 2021

I'm a non riding member.i have been a crew member for 6 years and am a good example of how endurance as a sport can welcome people like me who love horses but don't own or ride. I can also be found helping at the start of quite a few rides including the Golden Horse shoe.